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Wellness Package for Senior Dogs

Take care of your senior dog's annual health care needs with a Senior Dog Wellness Package from Fayette Veterinary Medical Center. Packages for dogs 7 years and older include all of the preventive care basics your geriatric pooch needs for continuing good health.

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Senior Dogs

Wellness Package

Save Over $52500Per Year

Senior Dogs, Fayette Veterinary Medical Center

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Simparica 6 or 12 months*

*flea and tick prevention

Cost Comparison

Canine Senior Wellness Package

7+ Years of Age

Download Our Canine Senior Brochure

Services With Plan
Annual Comprehensive Wellness Exam
Annual Vaccinations
Including: DHPP, Leptospirosis, Rabies, Canine Influenza, Bordetella
Annual Dental Exam, X-Rays & Cleaning
Including: State of the Art Anesthesia & Monitoring
Annual Intestinal Parasite Screenings
Annual Heartworm & Tick Disease Testing
Senior Blood Work
Full Body X-Rays
ECG Cardiac Screening
2 Additional Free Exams Within a 12 Month Period
10% Discount on 6 or 12 Month Supply of Simparica© Flea & Tick Prevention

Annual Proheart12© Heartworm Injection to Prevent Heartworm for 12 Months

SAVE $525.00 
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* This wellness plan is not insurance and only covers the above services to be paid for in a 12 month period.

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