We offer pet “vacations” for your furry family members when they are unable to travel with you! We have multiple large runs for housing dogs, as well as a separate room exclusively for our feline friends. Your pets boarding visit includes an examination by a highly trained technician, monitoring throughout their visit by trained veterinary staff, Flea treatment at check-in and check-out, food, water, and bedding. If your pet is on a special diet or special medications, bring them and our staff will ensure they receive them. Your dog will have access to multiple “play times” outdoors in our fenced in backyard. We will provide any extra care that you request! Our loving staff will give your babies the love and attention they deserve during their stay!

In order to ensure your pet’s accommodations, please make sure to book your reservations in advance! We also require all boarding pets to be current on their vaccinations for the health and safety of them as well as our other guests!

Patient Care Mission:

Any animal under our care will be treated with compassion and care as if it were one of our own. Every effort will be made to ensure your pet’s needs are met and we provide a safe and trusted place for them to visit when their “Parent’s” leave them with us.

During your pet’s stay, they will be supervised and cared for by a highly trained Veterinary Technician who is our Boarding Manager. They will be exercised a minimum of 3 times daily, provided with soft warm bedding, and their health will be closely monitored. In the event a problem should arise during their stay, a Veterinarian on staff will be available to care for them and ensure their needs are met.

When boarded, it is often times inevitable that a pet may become ill. Every effort is made and strict protocols are followed to ensure the health of your pet. Things such as requiring vaccinations, separation from any ill patients of the hospital, disinfecting of kennels, bowls, and other materials, as well as our facility is set up to allow proper ventilation and separation of pets. However, just like a daycare or school, there is the potential for your pet to become ill. Some things that may develop can be a cough, runny nose, upper respiratory infection, fever, lethargy, or lack of appetite. More commonly, pets will develop diarrhea, loose stool, or vomiting. All of these symptoms can occur simply due to the excitement of boarding and being away from home or having a diet change. Other times it can be indicative of a more serious condition.

Our policy is to treat any patient that acquires symptoms of an illness if it is deemed to cause suffering to the patient, is severe or can become severe if left untreated, or could be contagious to other pets. Every effort will be made to notify the pet’s “Parents” and provide an estimate of cost for care. However, immediate care will be provided without notification if the Veterinarian on staff deems it necessary. An examination fee will not be charged, however, diagnostics, medications, and treatment fees will be charged when appropriate. If a patient becomes ill within 5 days of leaving our facility, we will provide an examination at no charge. Any diagnostics, medications, or treatment fees will be charged accordingly.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take care of your “Loved Ones” and we will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

-The Staff of Fayette Veterinary Medical Center

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